April 21, 2016

Fair Work Commission

Responsive by design

Responsive by design

From initial wire framing to rapid prototyping, design and theming, responsive design was the key to success. With so many different users accessing the site from different devices and locations we had to ensure that the full functionality was available regardless of device or platform. Using best practice coding and in-house expertise, we built a responsive platform that can adapt to suite any scenario.
Data migration

Data Migration

Over 25,000 pages of existing content. The task at hand included an intensive, automated data migration process of over 25,000 pages of existing content and countless related assets. We also developed custom modules that integrate with the Commission’s in-house enterprise search system, and enabled support for Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) metadata across the board.
Microsite publishing

Microsite Publishing

FWC requirements included micro-sites; using Drupal, we gave them not only the sites, but a tool to help them grow their platform. The content management system supports building micro sites with their own unique look & feel on-the-fly. We also integrated the website with the commission\’s enterprise level search solution allowing visitors search through myriads of documents & resources.
March 22, 2016

BinTrim & Community Recycling Centres

Offline Capability

Offline Capability

Both web applications supports tiered multi-level access for different user roles such as assessors, grantees, auditors and admins. For BinTrim, the entire web application is offline capable. Any associated data for assessments and action plans can be captured offline and then sync-ed back to the server at a later stage. For the CRC web application, certain sections such as the collection and weighing sections are offline capable.
Charts & Graphs

Charts & Graphs

BinTrim web app generates charts and graphs on the fly as waste and recycling data is entered. It provides a full breakdown of all materials such as plastics, organic waste and paper along with their percentages as pie charts and calculates potential and non-recyclable components in real time. In the CRC web app, there are additional features for all users to capture data such as collections, pickups, material weight data and view data captured in simple easy to use dashboard style views with support for various filtering and sorting options.


Both web applications supports the generation of complex reports with various filtering and aggregation functionality in Ms Word and Excel including the ability to export entire datasets into Excel for further analysis.
March 16, 2013

NSW Procurement

Workflow management

Workflow Management

The portal was deployed to captures existing procurement contracts, fact sheets, policies and general content including meta data required for search. The CMS was configured for zero redundancy document management and features an editor-publisher workflow for content management integrated with an enterprise search engine that indexes all content & resources.

Security and identity management

Security & Identity Management

The infrastructure was setup for high availability and was tested by PureHacking to ensure that it meets government standards on security. We are currently engaged with NSW Procurement for stage 2 of the project to expand the current feature including a secure workspace for government agencies to oversee their procurement and introduce additional workflow management involving multiple user roles and content stages.

Self help tool

Self-help tool

We ran the project in a completely agile manner – the entire project was broken down into sprints of 3 to 5 days where we continuously refined functional components until NSW Procurement was happy with the end product.

March 10, 2012

Maersk Line



Maersk Line’s online ebusiness services, known as “Do Business”, provides a seamless workflow for customers to securely reuse, search, save & overview shipping information. The primary aim was to create elearning tutorials for the main areas of the “Do Business” services and to create an introductory tutorial for the Maersk Line website.

These tutorials were to be accessile in multiple languages with the ability to switch between text and voiceover languages independently (e.g. Cantonese with simplified Chinese text).



Although Maersk Line had very strict branding guidelines including the very strict use of a set number of colours and fonts, Demonz was able to create a very strong, modern and aesthetic user interface by utilising gradients, soft shadows, floor reflections and simple highlights. Interactivity and continuity was added via colour changes, simple fades, blends and blurs to give a very professional finishing touch.

The dynamic nature of the system allows it to be deployed in multiple platforms and formats (Web/CD/DVD on Windows/Mac).

Language support

Language Support

The tutorials support text and voiceover with more than 60 minutes of animations per language:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Mandarin & Cantonese
    Support for Traditional & Simplified Chinese scripts
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
  • Japanese