April 21, 2016

Fair Work Commission

Responsive by design

Responsive by design

From initial wire framing to rapid prototyping, design and theming, responsive design was the key to success. With so many different users accessing the site from different devices and locations we had to ensure that the full functionality was available regardless of device or platform. Using best practice coding and in-house expertise, we built a responsive platform that can adapt to suite any scenario.
Data migration

Data Migration

Over 25,000 pages of existing content. The task at hand included an intensive, automated data migration process of over 25,000 pages of existing content and countless related assets. We also developed custom modules that integrate with the Commission’s in-house enterprise search system, and enabled support for Australian Government Locator Service (AGLS) metadata across the board.
Microsite publishing

Microsite Publishing

FWC requirements included micro-sites; using Drupal, we gave them not only the sites, but a tool to help them grow their platform. The content management system supports building micro sites with their own unique look & feel on-the-fly. We also integrated the website with the commission\’s enterprise level search solution allowing visitors search through myriads of documents & resources.
March 18, 2013


Information architecture and creative

Information Architecture & Creative

One of the key features is multisite support – Warringah Council, Warringah Library, Aquatic Centre & Glen Street Theatre all run from the same single backend.

Creatively, we managed to achieve consistent branding across all micro sites yet give them their own unique look & feel. We also added support for desktop, wide desktop, tablets & mobiles (portrait & landscape modes) including support for high density pixel ratios (“retina display”) such as the iPad 3 and the new Macbook Pro.

workflow management

Workflow Management

The site also features some great workflow automation: auto generated adaptive layout & thumbnails, auto geo coding with support for Google maps, auto generation of list pages with summaries, teasers & pagers, auto generation of navigation, breadcrumb trails and human friendly urls.

In terms of administrative functionality, we added support for complex author-editor-publisher workflow process across different departments so that content can be properly audited and controlled before publication.



The council contains many different location types such as beaches, rockpools, sports fields and parks. We used Google Maps as the mapping solution that allows the council staff to enter a human readable address that is auto geo-coded and placed on the “Find My Nearest” map on the website:

  • Supports for semantic zooming: Markers get automatically clustered based on the zoom level
  • Clicking on markers brings out relevant content from the CMS
  • Ability to filter by different categories and layers.