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Nature Near Me

A native iOS and Android application that shows nature locations throughout NSW with support for offline maps and storage.

Client: Office of Environment and Heritage
Technically creative, Creatively technical
Features and technologies
Offline Capability

Offline Capability

Application supports both online and offline vector map capability with clustering support for varying zoom levels and the ability to display customized markers and callouts for different type of locations, activities and facilities. Map data can be searched, sorted and filtered by different attributes such as categories and activities. Galleries are automatically created using the image data for each location.
Social Engagement

Social Engagement

Users can create itineraries from nature locations and share with other through email, Facebook or Twitter. Users can also provide reviews, rate locations and submit their own location which will be moderated on the backend by admins. Notifications allow users to receive alerts when a location is nearby.

Data Migration

The app integrates with NPWS data to provide a richer data set. NPWS national parks are currently listed in the app as nature locations with data populated from NPWS SiteCore/REST API feeds. We are able to successfully import rich content such as images, descriptions, categories, activities and external links.